• Restructured the navigation to align with the donor’s journey and guide visitors to key decision touchpoints through the website
  • Built an accessible navigation that allowed users to customize their website experience
  • Improved visual design and created a unified brand message
  • Created contextual and personalized calls to action using emotive imagery and facts to trigger empathy and increase donations
  • Completely overhauled and redesigned the donations form to give donors a user-friendly experience while also incentivizing increased and monthly donations

Dominating Donations

For any nonprofit, the donation form is paramount for success, and a poorly designed form can cost. Before the redesign, ASPCA’s form was overwhelming and not aesthetically enticing for donors, potentially dissuading prospective donors from contributing to the cause.

Boston Digital performed a series of user experience (UX) studies and research to create a seamless donation form. Our UX team worked closely with the ASPCA team to attract visitors to donate through strategically selected photography based on the individual’s behavioral preferences. To keep the form simple and inviting, we designed a multi-step layout, asking for the minimum information required over three sections.

Our efforts resulted in a powerful, easy-to-use donation form that aligned with today’s best practices.

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