Chuck Murphy gifts employee a new cart

Why I Gave Away 4 Cars

Jaime Escott - 3 Min read

Chuck Murphy gifts employee a new cart

Employee recognition has long been a cornerstone of effective management. But today, as the competition for talent continues to escalate since the great resignation, the way companies choose to acknowledge employees’ value has become more important than ever. 

In an industry that typically sees high turnover rates, such as ours in digital marketing, it is important to focus on ways to retain top personnel and reward them for their loyalty. Benefits such as strong work – life balance and room for advancement are non-negotiable, but gratitude for employees’ dedication is equally as important to serve as motivation for all team members. As I began my journey with Boston Digital 23 years ago, my core values were recognition and appreciation. It was critical that I establish a stimulating workplace where individuals felt acknowledged, valued, and energized every day. It has always been at the foundation of our organization, leading us to be continually recognized as a Best & Brightest Company To Work For®.

How it all started

Traditionally, reaching the 10-year milestone at a company is recognized through a gift made of tin or aluminum that sits on a shelf. But that didn’t feel right to me, I wanted something more exciting. After a decade of hard work and loyalty, I felt I needed to show my appreciation with something grander.

In our 12th year as a company, one of our employees reached their 10-year milestone. As I sat and watched The Price Is Right, seeing contestants lose their minds over a new car, the grand gesture I was looking for hit me.

A new car was the perfect way to reward those who have gone above and beyond for the company. So, I decided that at the company holiday party, I was going to surprise everyone by handing over the keys to a brand-new Mini Cooper.

From then on, it became a promise. Any employee who reached their 10-year milestone at Boston Digital would be gifted a brand-new Mini Cooper. Why a Mini Cooper? It’s a unique car and I didn’t want to go for practical. I knew if I left the option open, people might select something a bit more sensible, like a minivan. But I wanted it to be fun, something that made them smile every time they drove it.

In Boston Digital’s 23 years, I’ve given out 4 cars to employees. Each employee made a significant impact throughout their 10+ years with the company and 3 of the 4 are still currently employees at Boston Digital.  The Boston Digital team loves this tradition, as it’s an exciting way for everyone to celebrate together.  While appreciation can come in all shapes and sizes, some milestones happen to deserve a bigger surprise. 

Where Do We Go From Here 

As our team grows, we continue to focus on creating a culture that is energetic and upbeat, as well as innovative and cutting-edge. As we continue to navigate the new digital age, we push the boundaries not only for ourselves but for our clients.  As a leading provider of innovative digital experiences, Boston Digital has continued to evolve to ensure that we give our clients the same kind of strategy, ingenuity, and creativity in the next instance of digital transformation and I’m tremendously excited for what else is to come in Web 3.0. 

We are a group of creators, educators, achievers, and innovators and we are always looking for new people to join our team. Take a look at our careers page, to learn more about who we are and our open positions.