The current pandemic may not have much of a silver lining, but it does have a spotlight — and it’s shining directly on the biotech and pharmaceutical industries as new COVID-19 treatments are rapidly developed. As a Boston-based agency with a number of these client partners, we’re uniquely positioned to recognize the outsized impact Massachusetts companies in particular are having in the field.

Over the past 50 years, Massachusetts — and especially Boston — has reigned as one of the world’s innovation capitals. During the internet boom of the late 1990s, the region battled with Silicon Valley for supremacy in the tech world. While the Valley won by conventional measures with the bulk of leading tech giants headquarted in the area, Massachusetts has nevertheless remained an engine for innovation.

Today, as home to the world’s leading universities and hospitals, we’re arguably at the very center of healthcare technology. Large medical device makers like Thermo Fisher, Waters, and Zoll call Massachusetts home. General Electric chose Boston as the home of its new headquarters thanks in part to our medical ecosystem. And, after New Jersey, Mass could easily be considered the most prolific pharmaceutical and bio-pharma innovation hub in the world.

The industry is supported by our cities’ and state’s robust ecosystems designed to fuel innovation through venture capitalism and private equity investment. Our world-class colleges and universities turn out great thinkers, while organizations like the Broad Institute — along with established companies and start-ups alike — feed one another with the ideas and capital to fuel scientific growth in pursuit of a better future for mankind.

It’s easy to go on and on about the strides we’re making here in the Commonwealth. According to MassBio, the state’s biotech council, Massachusetts is the fastest-growing state for biotech R&D jobs. Venture capital firms invested $2.1 billion in Mass biotech in the first half of 2020 alone, and over 85 companies in the state are working on tests, treatments, and vaccines for COVID-19. Cambridge’s Moderna Therapeutics is the second company to seek emergency FDA approval for a COVID-19 vaccine, which boasts a nearly 95 percent efficacy rate.  And the Boston-Cambridge area always ranks at or near number one for top biotech cities in the US among industry publications.

But we’re not taking advantage of these incredible accomplishments as much as we could be. The state, cities, and companies themselves should be capitalizing on these achievements through aggressive promotion — driving visibility with digital marketing campaigns, through trade association partnerships, and by sharing thought leadership across industries. They should leverage knowledgeable agencies to help develop Massachusetts as an international biotech epicenter to secure the capital, talent, and media coverage it takes to be a hub of innovation as recognizable across the globe as Silicon Valley.

Here at Boston Digital, we know how to accomplish just that. We’ve worked with some of the top life sciences companies to amplify their missions and drive awareness for pipelines, products, and investment opportunities. We understand the complexities of the drug development process, and our expertise in marketing capabilities from web development and SEO strategy to digital growth tactics and creative concepting are finely tuned to deliver success in the biotech space.

Thanks to our work with countless leading bio and biopharma clients in the region, we’ve got front row seats to Massachusetts’ explosive growth and reign as the center of the world’s biotech and pharma innovation — and we can’t wait to see what’s coming. 

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