77% of our population has a social media profile. As social usage continues to grow, so does the opportunity to reach your target audience on these platforms. Prospective clients will often look to your social media profiles to learn more about your brand and validate their decision-making. Therefore, it’s crucial to stay active on social media to cater to your audiences and establish a strong digital presence.

While it can be challenging to come up with new, unique social posts ideas for your construction company, we’re here to help. Leverage these social media tactics to start turning social followers into new clients.

Share a Day in the Life

Give your followers a peek into construction life. Post photos of your construction team on-site at a new project or in the phases of completion. For instance, many employees on your team have quite the view – above the skyline or overlooking cities. Not many people get to see projects from this vantage point, so share it on social. You will give your followers a new perspective and preview of life in the field.

Show Progress of Projects

Post more than just a photo of the completed project. The steps you took to get it to completion are what give your team the credibility in the field and set your brand apart from the competition. Therefore, keep your followers in-tune with project details throughout the duration of every construction project. By showing your progress, your audience will gain a preview into your projects and stay engaged with your brand. 


Put Your Team in the Spotlight

Construction isn’t always a pretty job; it comes with a great deal of hard labor. Your team works hard to complete projects with precise execution, so shine light on your team via social. For instance, post photos of your team laying sheet metal or working together to lift beams. By keeping your team in the social spotlight, you will showcase the work they do, the environment and conditions they work in, along with the people who turn blueprints into exceptional buildings.

Go Live On-Site

It’s always enticing to watch a live video. Not only do you get the scoop in real time, but you will see an unedited, unbiased version of the video. Bring your followers on a live journey of your site – walking through the project site, interviewing contractors, and giving a preview into upcoming project features. This tool is useful to showcase your construction builds and their progress – all in real time. 

Use New Technology

Make use of new technology on your social profiles. Drones and virtual tours provide a much more interesting angle than a typical smartphone photo. Therefore, use this technology in your social posts to build an interactive, memorable experience for your audience and show your ability to adapt to new technology.

Build a Mosaic

Have fun creating a unique social profile to showcase your construction projects. Build your Instagram profile into a mosaic of images. Cut your image into various sections and post each section at different times – ultimately building the structure of the final image. Once you finish posting each piece, your profile page will display an enlarged version of one photo. This mosaic style is an effective way to attract audiences to your page, because they become interested in seeing what each image preview turns into. 


Announce a New Project

While it’s crucial to present your current projects on social, it’s just as important to highlight your upcoming projects. Post teasers of what your followers can expect to see from your company in the near future. This will not only keep them enticed to know what’s ahead, but it will also shine light on your brand and keep your construction company top of mind for audiences. 


Your construction company has great potential to thrive on social. From progress photos to profile mosaics, you can make your brand more accessible to more potential clients and showcase your brand story to new audiences.

Keep your audience captivated through your creative social profiles and you could be one post away from a new client.

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