More and more construction jobs are becoming available. In fact, over 200,000 jobs were added to the industry in 2017 – increasing 35% in just one year. 

However, recruiting for jobs in construction can be a challenge. While there are many ways to reach qualified candidates, it isn’t always an easy task to find the channels that effectively reach that top tier talent.  

Whether you’re seeking in-office employees or on-site contractors, every employee plays a crucial role in a project’s success. Therefore, your recruitment initiatives should reflect this and show candidates how their role at your company can lead to more successful projects.

If you’re looking to hire quality talent for your construction company, use these recruitment tactics to encourage your candidates to join your team. 

1. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a go-to platform for job seekers. In fact, over 75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform their career decision. Your construction company can increase interest in candidates by posting a thorough description of your company with details such as, your location(s), size, and specialties. A robust, thorough LinkedIn profile will give job seekers the first touchpoint to get to know your company and the details that makes your company unique. 

It is also beneficial to post regularly on your LinkedIn page to ensure that there is constant activity that prospects can look through. Once they gain an understanding of who you are, and see the activity you present, your company will gain visibility. Optimize your profile to stay present on potential candidate’s news feed and spike their interest in your company. 

2. Stay Active on Social 

Add other social platforms to the mix. By staying active on multiple social channels, you can expand your reach to a greater pool of talent. Your construction company can use social media to advertise job listings, promote your recent work, and build connections with potential candidates. Furthermore, staying active on social will help you engage with younger generations. This talent pool is digitally adept, so post photos of your projects on Instagram, and a full album of your culture or project succession on Facebook. By staying active on social, you will build a digital presence that targets your audience and caters to new, younger audiences. 


3. Provide Answers to Questions

Your potential candidates want to know what sets your construction company apart from the rest, and how it will be a better fit for their career. Therefore, provide an FAQ section on your website that dives into common topics about careers and culture at your company. For instance, if your company offers professional training to employees, prompt the topic and provide a detailed response about this program. By providing this section on your careers page, you will give your potential candidates the answers they need to move forward in the recruitment process. 

Bring your audience even closer to your construction company by adding a chat session on the careers page. Keep the chat session anonymous to ensure that your audience is comfortable asking recruiters any question without hesitation. With this feature, your audiences will gain direct responses from recruiters and construction professionals, which helps to build relationships with your interested candidates. 

4. Tap into Virtual Experiences

The construction industry is one of the least digitized industries. In fact, nearly 60% of construction companies are not investigating any new technologies. Therefore, tapping into virtual experiences will work twofold – setting the standard high in the construction industry, but also keeping your audience captivated throughout their job search. 

Show your prospective candidates what it is actually like to work at your company. Tools such as, virtual tours and drone videos, allow you to show rather than tell your company story. For instance, take videos of your office space, the people working on various projects, and any other unique qualities your culture holds. By giving your viewers an immersive, virtual experience, they will gain an inside peek at your company and have a better vision on how they would fit into your company. 

5. Ask for Feedback

Ask your applicants for feedback on their experience with your recruitment process. This will prove to them that you care about their well-being at your company from the start. It will also allow your company to make improvements to your recruitment for upcoming candidates. Send a follow-up survey to your applicant which gives them areas to rate according to your recruitment process. For instance, if you show your applicants your office space during their first interview, ask them what parts of the interview stood out to them and what parts they would like to know more about. These insights will give you the clarity to optimize your recruitment process and show your candidates that you want their opinion from the start.



Construction companies are in a great position to grow. With more jobs available, companies in this space should revamp their recruitment process to fill the jobs with qualified candidates. 

To drive more talent to your company, optimize your LinkedIn profile, stay active on social media, provide answers to questions, tap into virtual experiences, and ask for feedback. This mix of ingredients will guide your recruitment plan and set your construction company up for success. 

What type of recruitment tactics have you been using? Let us know on LinkedIn! 

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